FBN NxG-Online-Summer

Das Angebot von FBN ist aktuell wichtiger den je: Wir wollen Euch einen sicheren Raum bieten, um voneinander zu lernen, sich auszutauschen und sich gegenseitig zu inspirieren.

Das NxG-Team von FBN International hat für diesen Sommer ein tolles Online-Programm entwickelt, um Euch auch in der Zeit des Distant Socializing die Möglichkeit zum Austausch zu geben und damit Ihr von den Erfahrungen der anderen Next Gens profitieren könnt.

Hier findet ihr das aktuelle Programm zum NxG-Online-Summer bis zum 31. August 2020. 

Bitte beachtet: Alle Infos und neue Termine werden über die NxG Summit Whatsapp-Gruppe und in der FBN International NxG-Facebook-Gruppe geteilt. 

Es sind verschiedene Formate geplant: NxG Lunch Conversations, Online Party, Mindfulness Session, Sport Sessions, Supporting Peers, Coffee with Entrepreneurs, Creative Peers

Teilnahme: Die Links zur Anmeldung und Teilnahme an den Online Sessions erhaltet Ihr in der Whatsapp- oder Facebook-Gruppe zu den Online Gatherings oder bei uns unter Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! oder +49 228 36780-96.


NxG Lunch Conversations

The conversations at lunch format serves for NxGs to have a casual conversation between members who find the time to dial in. The conversation is moderated by a member of the peer circles team. Participants can take part in the conversation for as long as they can or want. The format takes place every week at alternating times to accommodate the different time zones our members find themselves in. They can have a particular topic of discussion although it is not required.


Online Party

The online party is another informal format which is moderated by the leadership team. It is meant to be fun and lighthearted in the spirit of connecting members and giving them a bit of a respite in these challenging times. It can be mainly conversation, singing, dancing or karaoke or anything else the moderator of the session comes up with. It will take every second week or as often as the leadership team is willing to host it.


Mindfulness Session

The mindfulness session are intended to help the participants extend their mindfulness practice through meditation and other skills represented in the members. This can also include yoga sessions and other ideas. Session will be scheduled on Friday depending on the availability of the instructor.

Sport Sessions

Sport is essential to stay healthy and fit during the COVID-19 confinement. Some of the members might find it motivating to do sports and share the experience with others. Which sports will be included depends on the interests of the members. Sessions will be scheduled on Saturday.


Supporting Peers

The supporting peer sessions are the most structured out of the currently proposed session formats. These will be held as webinars for which participants will need to register in advance with name and email address. They are intended to allow in depth and personal discussions on topics the FBN members need in these challenging times.


 Coffee with Entrepreneurs

‘Coffee with Entrepreneurs’ is one of the initiatives planned this year by the Entrepreneurs Team of the FBN’s international NextGen Leadership Team in line with FBN’s mission “to offer a safe space to learn from, share with and inspire each other”. The Coffee with entrepreneurs features NxG Entrepreneurs who will share their entrepreneurial journeys, followed by an interactive exchange with participants. The Coffee with Entrepreneurs is held bi-monthly, on Thursdays, alternating with the “Creative peers” session.


Creative Peers

The creative peers sessions are intended to let members showcase their various interests and talents. Participants are meant to learn a new skill or dig deeper into a given topic. The “Creative peers” is held bi-monthly, on Thursdays, alternating with the “Coffee with Entrepreneurs” session.